Motor Insurance

Get fully comprehensive motor insurance for complete cover on your vehicle as well as cover for any liability to third parties.

We provide 3 motor insurance options to suit your pocket, which will protect your vehicle against theft, accident and any other unforeseen circumstances or misfortune. These options are Third Party Motor insurance, Third Party Fire and Theft Motor insurance, or Comprehensive Motor Insurance.

Third Party Motor Insurance

A car accident can leave you liable to third parties with high compensation responsibilities. Mozambican law states and requires that vehicle owners have – at all stages of vehicle ownership – third party liability car insurance. Hollard Mozambique brings you the option of covering your vehicle for just Third Party Liability. This limited Car Insurance covers you, should you be directly responsible for the loss of – or damage to – an insured’s vehicle or property – or bodily injury to a third party person or persons.

We will provide you cover and compensation against the legal liability owed to the third party, for the payment of damages, legal fees and other related expenses. Remember Third Party Liability in Mozambique requires that your cover includes:

  • Death or bodily harm
  • Damage to property

Third Party Fire And Theft Motor Insurance (Fire And Theft)

This insurance cover extends the standard Third Party Motor Insurance policy with the added protection against loss or damage to your vehicle - resulting from:

  • Fire
  • Explosion
  • Theft (or attempted theft)

Comprehensive Motor Insurance

Comprehensive motor insurance provides you maximum protection for your vehicle with coverage against damage incurred in an accident, fire or natural disaster. It also provides cover for theft, criminal damage and third party vehicle, property damage or injury to a person.

Comprehensive Motor Insurance, in addition, covers glass windows and other vehicle accessories (if specified on acceptance of the policy).

Special exclusions and conditions apply.