Money Insurance

Get full money insurance covering the commuting and controlling of large cash sums.

Small to medium businesses, no matter the industry, may require the transportation and management of large sums of cash, in and outside of the business premises.

Should this be a requirement for you, Hollard’s sound and all-encompassing Money Insurance wording which forms a part of your commercial policy will help you protect your moneyagainst physical loss resulting from theft.

Hollard Mozambique’s Money Insurance cover provides your business with comprehensive protection against the loss of cash that results from theft by a third party, not closely associated with your business.

What does Money Insurance provide cover for?:

The notion of ‘money’, when concerning our loss of money insurance, pertains to

  • Cash
  • Bank notes  
  • Currency notes
  • Cheques
  • Postal orders
  • Money orders
  • Credit card vouchers  
  • Valued documents

This loss of money insurance cover includes:

  • Pay-out for relief of a money storage receptacle resulting from theft or attempted theft (limits apply)  
  • Pay-out for the replacement of locks and keys, should you believe an unauthorised person has gained possession of a copy of that key type (limits apply)
  • Pay-out for injury to an employee that has resulted as a consequence of theft or an attempt thereof.

Terms and conditions apply.