Third Party Liability Motor Car Insurance

Benefit from all-encompassing cover with third party motor car insurance.

Mozambican law has made third party insurance compulsory to all owners of vehicles on the road. As a business owner, you have an obligation, as stated by that law, to make sure your commercial and private vehicles are covered for any third party liability which may be incurred while using the vehicle. Third party motor car insurance can be purchased as a standalone cover or as a section of your comprehensive motor cover, which will include material damage, as well as loss to your vehicle.

Hollard Mozambique’s Third Party Motor Car Insuranceprovides a comprehensive cover plan for your business, that protects against all costs and expenses you may find yourself liable to pay. This liability will be due to an accident caused by, or in connection with, an insured vehicle.

Third Party Motor Car Insurance covers:

  • The death or injury to the third party concerned
  • Damage to the property of a the third party concerned

Hollard Mozambique will insure all vehicles that fall under the categories of commercial, private, buses and trailers.

Special exclusions and conditions apply.