Home Insurance

Get comprehensive cover for your home and its adjoining buildings, including swimming pool outhouse and domestic quarters.

Hollard Mozambique offers all-encompassing home insurance cover designed to protect your privately owned buildings and domestic outbuildings, against purposely harmful acts and miscellaneous misfortunes – such as damage due to fire or water.

Some of the arrangements that can be included under the umbrella of Home Insurance are: your home’s walls, garden and indoor gates, your driveway and paths, aerials and satellite receivers and, of course, swimming pools.

Home Insurance covers the following:

  • Home Insurance, in addition, covers and damage caused during a robbery – attempted or successful
  • You get cover for the loss or damage to your property, caused by an animal or vehicle
  • Our home insurance pays out for accidental damage to utilities such as water sources, as well as sewerage, gas, electricity and various telecommunication connections
  • We have a full reimbursement programme for leakage and water damage
  • Should the building become unfit for residence, we reimburse for rent
  • Home Insurance covers demolition and clearing, as well as the professional fees that may be incurred for the rebuilding of a damaged building

Special exclusions and conditions apply.