Group Personal Accident Insurance

Get all-encompassing accident insurance that protects your employees.

Your employees are an extremely important resource for your business. Although an investment when it comes to time and money, businesses often fail to invest in adequate insurance – accident insurance, in particular - for employees.

Hollard Mozambique’s Group Personal Accident Insurance provides coverage for you, as a business owner, and gives accidental injury, death or disability insurance to any employee during the length of their employment. Benefits are chosen by you based on earnings or fixed amounts and accident insurance cover can be tailored to 24 hours, or working hours only.

What does Group Personal Accident Insurance provide cover for?

  • The accident insurance policy covers injuries to the nominated personnel as a result of an accident
  • Various benefits can be extended to include illness cover, upon application.
  • Benefits can be based on earnings or fixed sums
  • The benefit is payable to the insured, i.e. the employer and not the employee
  • The employer has the choice to distribute the amountpayable in the event of a claim

Cover of Group Personal Accident Insurance includes:


  • If there are no dependents, the benefit could be used for costs of retraining or recruitment
  • Where there are dependents, the employer will be in a position to choose to pay a percentage of the benefit to the family, and use the balance for costs incurred as the employer

Permanent disability

  • The employee may suffer a permanent disability as a result of his / her injury

The benefit paid could be used for the costs of a prosthesis device - if needed - or for rehabilitation (depending upon the degree of disability)

Temporary total disability

  • In the event that the insured person (employee) is temporarily disabled and cannot attend to his normal duties, the employer can claim the actual earnings that he has paid to the employee

Medical expenses

  • This benefit will reimburse the insured person for medical costs incurred as a result of the accident, including emergency transport

Our policy wording can include various extensions such as:

  • Disappearance                                     
  • Disfigurement (not limited to burns)     
  • Funeral costs                                      
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Mobility costs
  • Body transportation costs
  • Emergency transportation costs

Optional extensions may be provided at additional cost:

  • Temporary Total Disablement following illness
  • Dread Disease Cover
  • Daily Hospital Cash Benefits - as a result of accident or illness
  • Trauma
  • Unusual risks

This insurance cover is vital if your business’ efficiency is dependent on the well-being of your employees.

Policy terms and conditions apply.