PurpleHealth Employee Benefits

The health of employees is critical to the success of your company.

Keeping employees healthy and productive

The health of employees is critical to the success of your company. Our PurpleHealth plan provides your employees with affordable health insurance

Comprehensive healthcare is not always available in-country or in the region where your valuable employees are working. PurpleHealth bridges this gap by providing local hospital cover and, where necessary, facilitates the evacuation of the employee to another hospital which provides the medical care required to return the employee to good health.

Choice of Health insurance solutions

Hollard has created the PurpleHealth range of health plans with you in mind. We offer five key plans PurplePlan, PurplePlus,PurpleMax ,PurpleVac and PurpleVacPlus.

Depending on the plan you choose PurpleHealth provides ample cover for hospitalisation and emergency evacuation, whether by land or by air, within your employee’s country of coverage or to the nearest appropriate facility that is best equipped to handle their unique emergency.


What we stand for

As a leading insurance brand, we know that if we want to make a difference, we need to do things differently. We need to be flexible, innovative, ahead of the curve and committed to world class service.

Administrative services

An internationally proven administration platform means your PurpleHealth plan is efficiently managed by a dedicated team of health experts. An online administration process allows you ease of access to your employee’s plan details, policy information and settlement information.

Membership card

Your employees will receive a membership card with their personal reference number as well as all the contact information they may need. Your employees need to make sure always to have this card with them and use it as identification when contacting Hollard or upon admission to a hospital.

24/7 availability

Your employees may reach PurpleHealth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Call us if there are any questions about the plan, or to submit a claim, or in case of an emergency.


PurpleHealth offers your employees an international health plan on affordable terms.

Hospital and service provider agreements

Membership with PurpleHealth provides your employees with access to hospitals and medical service providers throughout the world. 

Accompaniment and compassionate benefit

We realise that any life threatening event requires the support of family. The PurpleHealth plan benefit allows for a family member to accompany your employee in the event of hospitalisation.

Regulatory approved plans

Our PurpleHealth plans are accredited and endorsed by the regulatory authorities, in the countries which benefit from our extensive operations.

A partnership of strength

Hollard has partnered with Van Breda International (VBI), a large worldwide organisation which has a proven track record in managing cross-border medical insurance. VBI is part of the Cigna group, a large US-based global health insurance provider.

Let us help you choose the right cover

Hollard’s PurpleHealth plans allow your employees to select a benefit plan to match their specific needs, choosing the level of cover which suits them best.

Your employees may choose from three HealthPlans – PurplePlan, Purpleplus and PurpleMax – if they wish to have in-hospital cover combined with the safety of an Evacuation Plan. This will grant them coverage, not only in their country of residence but also in another country (defined in the policy) ensuring them the best possible medical care. The coverage within each plan differs, based on the maximum coverage, quality of hospital rooms and extent of medical care.

Your employees may choose from two Evacuation plans – PurpleVac and PurpleVacPlus – if they only want access to an evacuation service which will transport them to the nearest appropriate medical facility. The PurpleVacPlus extends their evacuation plan providing coverage for the cost of the hospitalisation.