Engineering Insurance

Get engineering insurance that protects against unexpected mishaps on construction or erection project sites.

Many issues may arise during the commencement of work on large engineering projects and construction endeavours.Hollard Mozambique’s Engineering Insurance cover protects your project against financial issues that may arise from an unexpected mishap.

Our Engineering Insurance provides a wide range of construction and engineering insurance products, to safeguard your construction and manage the risk of several parts crucial to the success of your project.

What does the Engineering Insurance policy cover?

Hollard Mozambique’s engineering insurance policy covers the following against a collection of risks that could befall the project:

  • Building 
  • Civil 
  • Mechanical engineering projects

The Engineering Insurance cover includes:

  • Contractor’s (and all risks involved therein):
    • Works
    • Third party liability
    • Advanced loss of profits
    • Building erection and all risks involved therein
    • The contractor's own plant and machinery
    • Any machinery breakdown and the resulting loss of profit
    • Performance guarantees
    • Electronic equipment breakdown and the resulting loss of profit

Civil engineering the completed risks involved