Business Travel Insurance

Get full travel insurance that covers you for any unforeseen business travel expenses.

Most business trips commence without incident or hitch. Accidents can happen, though, and you may need financial assistance whilst away from home.

Travel insurance is a way to manage these risks and relieve the stress of dealing with any accidents or incidents that may occur while you go about your business travels.

Hollard Mozambique’s Business Travel Insurance allows companies or institutions access to detailed and comprehensive travel insurance for their employees while travelling.

Business Travel Insurance benefits:

  • Medical Expenses benefit – This travel insurance will take care of expenses pertaining to the immediate treatment of either medical or dental requirements, and includes transportation costs. Additionally, costs for repatriation of the return of an insured’s remains, will fall under Business Travel Insurance
  • Personal Liability benefit – This travel insurance feature covers you for any legal liability which may be incurred due to accidental bodily harm or death of a third party, or the accidental damage or loss, to any third party caused by an employee
  • Personal Accident benefit – This Business Travel Insurance feature covers you for death or disability which follows an accident suffered whilst you are abroad
  • Luggage benefit – This travel insurance benefit provides compensation for personal baggage that is damaged, stolen, destroyed or lost. In addition, the benefit covers your passport and money. To fully benefit from this trip insurance, however, you would need to report the incident to airline authorities immediately after the loss