Questions to ask your insurance brokers

Ask the right questions so that Hollard brokers can give you the best advice.


Insurance Broker Question

Q: Do you have professional indemnity insurance?
A:Professional indemnity cover ensures your protection in the case that your insurance broker has been negligent when dealing with insurers on your behalf. It is vital that your insurance broker has this coverage.
Q: Do you have a license to sell this product?
A:You are entitled to ask your insurance broker to show you proof of their credentials, as well as theirexperience and clientele.
Q: How do you communicate with your clients?
A:It is part of an insurance broker’s job to stay in regular contact with their clients. This can be done through a newsletter or annual visits. They are also required to be proactive and recommend beneficial updates to your cover.
Q: What is the extent of the claims service you offer?
A:Insurance brokers need to handle all of your claims processes and they should be able to deal with difficult claims and disputes on your behalf.
Q: Can I contact you after hours?
A:It is important to be able to contact your insurance broker for advisement at any time, for example should there be an unexpected emergency such as a car accident.
Q: May I get into contact with any of your existing clients for a reference or testimonial?
A: A good way to establish your broker’s service reputation is to go directly to the source, as in existing clients.
Q: How are you remunerated for the service you offer me?

A:Insurance brokers should receive compensation from the insurance company who is underwriting your chosen policy.